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2020.06.13 Anique participates in #CryptoAgainstCovidJapan

Anique is a platform utilizes blockchain technology to turn Japanese anime, manga, games, etc. into unique digital artworks and create brand new experiences for the fans of the artworks. Participating #CryptoAgainstCovidJapan, Anique will be donating 3% of the the revenue from June 13th to June 30th.

About Binance Charity

Binance Charity initiated the #CryptoAgainstCovid campaign and has been supporting countries in need to fight against COVID since the beginning of the pandemic. To date, Binance Charity has donated a total of 10k masks to public welfare centers and allocated 100k masks to public hospitals in Japan.
Join Binance Charity and help Japan fight the coronavirus. Even a small donation can save lives. Together, let’s help those in need.
Add tag “-Japan” to the “Full Name” entry section of the donation page of Binance Charity.
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About Anique

If you are an NFT(Non-fungible token) collector, you might be quite excited about this information. Because we are introducing you to a platform that turns official artworks from Japanese anime, manga, and games into NFT. The platform is named Anique, which is a name after "Anime", "Unique", and "Antique". And the company's vision is to turn artworks from Japanese anime, manga, and games into unique digital artworks, while providing the owners special privileges.
Since May 2019, Anique has been releasing unique digital artworks from popular IP such as Attack on Titan, STEINS;GATE, serial experiments lain, The Quintessential Quintuplets and more.

Digital Ownership and Joint Partnership

When you purchase an NFT at Anique, you will not just receive the token, but also be able to access to several privileges, which is a similar experience in purchasing valuable artwork from galleries. Anique currently has two kinds of primary selling ways, digital ownership and joint partnership.

Digital Ownership

Digital ownership is sold by lottery sales or sometimes auction due to its uniqueness. In this criterion, each digital artwork has only one token, which means that the owner will have the sole possession of the artwork. In this way, although there are countless copies of the digital artwork, there will be only one that is authenticated by the IP holders and secured by blockchain.
There are several privileges that the owner of the digital ownership would receive. Owners would be able to access the gallery of the artwork, which may contain the design or rare drafts of the artwork. Owners will have their certificate of ownership which has their names on it along with the creators. Owners could also exclusively order the limited edition that is framed and printed in ultra-high quality. It could be only ordered once by each owner and the edition number will be printed on the artwork as well. Occasionally, the limited edition would be signed by the artist. Lastly, the owner can sell the digital ownership to the next owner on Anique, while part of the profit will be returned to the artists in order to support them. Unlike the traditional art market, where artists do not receive any profit in the secondary market, Anique aims to support the artists and create a healthy ecosystem that would benefit the anime industry.

Joint Partnership

Joint partnership is sold in a limited period and available to purchase for every user. Multiple users may become the joint partner of a single artwork. This is similar to the shared ownership of artwork. Joint partners will also receive the tokens and privileges such as access to the gallery of the artwork, certificate of partnership, and access to exclusive goods or events. The goods for the joint partners are different from the normal goods since Anique is always trying their best to provide something special only to the partners. Joint partnerships cannot be traded like digital ownership, however, due to its lower price, it is easily accessible to every user.
With these two ways of NFT selling, and the enthusiasm of bringing all kinds of anime artworks onto the platform, Anique is trying their best to attracting anime fans to the blockchain community and proving blockchain's benefit in actual usage.
While part of the profit is used to support the artists, Anique is now featured in the Binance Charity Fund. From June 13th to June 30th, 2020, 3% of the revenue will be donated to the Binance Charity.

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