About Us
Anime, manga, games, and illustrations have fans all over the world.
Anique aims to connect one-of-a-kind works of art with each and every individual fan through innovative technology and our love for the original work.
Breath life into characters with the power of the real and digital worlds,
to bring joy to people all over the world.

We can realize this limitless potential by creating both real life and digital ways to enjoy these works. Our goal is to add uniqueness and value to each work by delivering new ways to experience them to fans from all over the world.

To date, we have sold exclusive physical merchandise, launched digital collectibles using blockchain technology, and held online exhibitions using WebGL. We have worked with more than 20 major content holders in Japan, including Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan, KADOKAWA, Namco Bandai Entertainment, Toei Animation, MAPPA, and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan.

Where “Anique” Comes From

The name “Anique” comes from a combination of the words “unique,” “antique,” and “animation.”

  • “Unique” represents our desire bring joy to people everywhere with our unique works.
  • “Antique” represents our hope that no matter how much time passes, Japanese anime and manga works will remain valuable like precious antiques.
  • Japan is known for its “animation” (Japanese: アニメーション), so we’ve incorporated aspects of both the English letter “A” and the Japanese character「ア」into our logo.

Entertainment in the world is constantly changing, but few Japanese enterprises can keep up with this rate of evolution. Anique’s vision is to deliver a completely new community experience to fans all over the world.

By building a bridge between content owners, creators and their fans, we can introduce a way to connect deeply with creative works faster than ever before. Beyond that, we want to create a community that transcends all boundaries, where fans can connect with each other.

At the core of this is our principle to create and plan based on a love and understanding of anime and manga, and then to implement the plan with strong technical expertise.

As we help realize the endless possibilities of content owners and creators, we too will continue to evolve.

Create valuable services that move hearts and minds.

Through innovative technology and an enduring love of artwork, Anique gives value to that which has no value yet. We strive to reach out to, and move people’s hearts.


Don’t let perfection in the way of progress.
In this world of technology, speed is everything.


Stay true to the spirit of the original work while creating something that will bring joys to fans.


Don’t be afraid of a challenge. To rise to the challenge is to bring a project to completion no matter how dire it seems. This will lead to growth for you and your team.


Work is not something that falls on our laps, but something that we have to reach out and grab. Have the assertiveness and confidence to lead the way to success.

We are looking for challengers to join us!

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We will update our open positions from time to time, so please follow our Recruiting account on Twitter for the latest information.

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Company Name
Anique Inc.
Company Address
〒101-0054 #3F Da Vinci Ogawamachi bldg, 2-4-1 Kandanishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan
Taichi Nakamura (Co-CEO) / Takahide Kasai (Co-CEO)
Number of Employees
March 12, 2019
Corporate Value
471.4M JPY (including capital reserve)
Service Description
  1. Physical Merchandise Planning & Sales
  2. Digital Merchandise Planning & System Development