Anime, manga, games, and illustrations have fans all over the world.
Anique aims to connect one-of-a-kind works of art with each and every individual fan through innovative technology and our love for the original work.

Product Planning & Production

Anique's products focus on showcasing the immersive world of each work and bringing out the charm of the characters. They are intended to be special gifts that show a deep understanding and respect for the work.

While the unique visuals draw you in, there is a deep intention and detailed insight behind each product. Every design is a homage that celebrate special moments and highlight the deep connection that has been established between the work and its fans.

Anique's products are a blend of beautiful design and unique philosophies that are not only visually appealing, but also allow fans to relive their experience of the work.

Product Planning for Campaign
Product Planning for Anniversary Event

3DCG Design

The purpose of Anique's goal is to create a special bond between fans and the work. One way is by utilizing cutting edge 3DCG technology to more effectively visualize the essence of the work and maximize its appeal to fans.

Our video director first starts by understanding the work, and then edits the video based on their understanding in order to accurately portray the emotions of the characters and the atmosphere of the story.

This results in a design that deeply reflects the world of each work and that brings out the potential of its characters.

Promotional Video Example
Character Modeling Example

Online Exhibitions

Online exhibitions are a new form of art exhibition, free from physical constraints. Here, too, 3DCG technology can be used to create an exhibition that maximizes the limitless potential of the characters and the work.

In addition, online exhibitions allow commenting, which enriches the experience by allowing fans who are viewing the exhibition together to share their thoughts and feelings. This transforms viewing the exhibition from an individual experience into a new experience  that incorporations communication and connecting with other fans through a mutual love for the work.

Fans can participate in online exhibitions at any time, from wherever they are, and enjoy the entire exhibition at their own pace, making online exhibitions the perfect opportunity for fans to freely explore the world of a work and deepen their understanding of the work.

Attack on Titan Online Exhibition

Digital Collectibles

Anique's digital collectibles are a new service for fans. Through innovative technology and our love of artwork, we have created an intersection of the digital world and real world, allowing users to freely move back and forth between the two to enjoy the artwork.

Special events that only digital collectible owners can attend. Special items that only digital collectible owners can order. These experiences allow fans to enjoy the works they love in a more personalized way, which not only deepens their connection to the work, but also reflects the individuality of the fan and their love for it.

Digital collectibles are a new generation of fan merchandise that will strengthen and deepen the bond between creative works and their fans.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Partner Collaboration
Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Partner Collaboration Plan

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program is a new way to interact with customers. It provides value to customers by offering digital gifts as Loyalty Program incentives, and is designed to increase customer loyalty and focuses more on a steady stream of sales over the long term rather than a short-term focused sales plan.

By setting restrictions on the secondary market through a dedicated digital wallet, we can combine technology with creativity to create a program in which creative works can be enjoyed all year round.

Jirai nandesu ka? Chihara-san 3DCG Avatar from Loyalty Program

Promotional Planning

Anique's promotional planning is unparalleled. We are always seeking out cutting-edge technology and place the passion of our fans at its center to create an exceptional experience.

All of our projects are created from scratch. Every detail is carefully thought out and created based on a deep understanding and respect for the artwork and the fans. We combine elements such as iconic images and emotional scenes from the perspective of fans in order to create something memorable for fans. We make sure our execution is airtight in order to stay efficient while maximizing the effectiveness of each innovative idea.

Anique's promotional projects allow fans to feel a deeper connection with the work and discover it from a new perspective. We continue to help artworks and brands reach their full potential and spread their appeal around the world.

『serial experiments lain』25th Anniversary Phygital Items